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…and i’m not sure where to start so will start right here…

I have become fascinated with the Big Picture…  what that means to me is that everything you see in this world is an opening to the infinite…  take for instance this stairway I found at the Bull and Finch Pub in Boston…  just a stairway…  but also a construct, a portal perhaps, to “heaven”…  you can do this with anything you come across…  whether it be in nature, or in your kitchen, etc…  anywhere you are… anything you see…  everything is an opening to layer upon layer upon layer…  of significance…  in this lifetime…  and many lifetimes…



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Reiki Research

I came across the above link and wanted to share.  It pretty much says it all!

I’d like to share a personal story.  For the past year now I have felt in a funk of sorts with so much transitioning, mostly having to do with private practice, and incorporating my new Massage Therapist and Reiki Self with my Art Therapist Self.  I have been caught up in the details of private practice, not paying enough attention to my own vibrational health.  And the holidays brought along with them a overendulgence of wine, cookies, & chocolate.  Lack of sleep and exercise didn’t help much either!  Yesterday a close friend and I decided to spend some quality time in elevating our energy and nurturing our souls…  with Reiki.  As I drove home after our trade I was reminded of the power of Reiki Energy and  how simple it is really to get back on track.  It’s not rocket science!  After a profoundly deep and restorative sleep I woke with a renewed sense of who I was.  I feel rested, clear, and happy!  And then I came across this wonderful Reiki Research link.

We are energy.  Our bodies are merely a vehicle for this energy allowing us to experience the relationships that being human is all about and able to learn the lessons we are presented with lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.  Our soul is energy that is pure and whole and can never be destroyed.  But this dynamic of being human here on this earth plane can at times cause congestion in our energetic selves that makes our bodies ill and clutters our minds with superfluous chatter.

Energy work can help remind you who/what you really are.


Ethereal Images

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I’ve always been big on “signs”…  what do you see in the window?

Diane Goergen MS, LCAT, NCTMB, LMT

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Art Therapy

Massage Therapy


Art Therapy

Soul Exploration

Past Life Therapy

I embrace every one of these Alternative Therapies…  however…  I can not help but to be especially excited to bring Past Life Therapy into my private practice!  Enjoy this youtube video series by Dr. Brian Weiss, my teacher, my mentor.

Massage Therapy & Fibromyalgia

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Did you know that Massage Therapy can ease clients’ symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

“Fibromyalgia has been described as a deep and superficial, soft tissue aching pain of at least three months’ duration, characterized by specific tender points in 11 of 18 locations.  This is a perfect definition for this painful condition, which can be profoundly affected by intelligent and thoughtful massage therapy” as is outlined in a current issue of Massage & Bodywork, September/October, 2011, ABMP.

Massage Therapy addresses the clients’ pain (using desensitization techniques), insomnia, anxiety, and irritability (by placing the client in a deep parasympathetic state), generalized stiffness and joint pain (relieved with gentle range of motion stretches), and breathing difficulties (relieved with massage strokes).

I am happy to be able to provide individuals with alternative therapies choices in addressing specific needs, but also taking into consideration the entirety of each individual; body, mind & soul.  Consider Massage Therapy as an adjunct therapy in coping with this life altering condition.

Diane Goergen MS, LCAT, NCTMB, LMT at Rochester Therapies



Art Therapy

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My Tree by DASG

is where Rochester Therapies started.  Signs, symbols & metaphors…  our experience personified in art making.  Art springs from the subconscious…  providing a voice for your soul.  And then IT grew into exploring the vibrations that feed and nurture our soul; Reiki.  Now growing further to include the VEHICLE of our soul…  our living, breathing body…  with touch therapies and energy work.  Finally on to the WHOLE of IT with Past Life Regression Therapy.  And now Soul Exploration.  Sessions that include all that I have to give.  I feel I have joined a new generation of therapists…  we tend to the body, mind & soul.  I’ll call it Soul Psychotherapy.  

What will come next I wonder as I dream of my upcoming trip to Omega and another week-long training with Dr. Brian Weiss?  What more can he inspire in me?

I’ve got goosebumps!


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